Go Green: Install a Green Roof and Artificial Turf

This year, choose to install a green roof to help reduce your energy costs. There are many different ways to help make your old roof more eco-friendly. Homeowners can also choose to install a new green roof. There are lots of great ways to make your roof “green,” – begins to state Jerry a contractor offering turf installation in San Diego and even some that include the addition of greenery, although most require professional assistance.

Generally, green roofing includes the addition of components like recycled materials or solar panels. These reduce home energy use, making the house and the roof much greener. However, there are lots of great ways to install a green roof.

  • Use recycled roofing shingles made from materials like recycled plastic, recycled carpet, recycled tires, and more
  • Install solar shingles, which collect sunlight to general power, and help promote green roofing
  • Install an eco-friendly skylight or a solar tube that is Energy Star Compliant. Skylights are an attractive and fun way to transition to green roofing
  • Check out cool roofs, which absorb the heat from the sun and transfer this energy into the building itself
  • Install a green roof made by the addition of greenery, perfect for converting roofs of lofts and high rises

Additional Green Roofing Options

Homeowners can also find ways to be eco-friendly without completely overhauling their entire roof. There are many little ways in which homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint and their energy costs. As green living becomes increasingly popular, learn more about other options in addition to green roofing.

  • Recycle old roofing shingles when renovating your roof
  • Add wind turbines to generate wind power
  • Increase insulation levels in your home to reduce heat transfer in and out of homes
  • Add a rain barrel to your house and collect additional rain water to use in gardening or landscaping
  • Consider adding concrete instead of grass to save on water, just be sure to hire the right concrete company for the job

There are many additional ways to make green roofing part of your daily life. Because many roof repair or renovation jobs can be tricky, let professionals help you make the transition to a green roof. Talk to the helpful employees at the Home Depot to learn more about your green roofing options today. Make your home a green and energy efficient one. When making repairs on your roof, speed is very important. Let roofing professionals undertake this task for you and save lots of money in the long run!

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