Roof Repair vs Roof Installation

Roof Repair

While many of us pride ourselves on our ‘Do-It-Yourself’ prowess, few of us know enough to tackle big problems like roof repair or roof installation. While a clogged drain is within our reach, cracked shingles present a different kind of problem. However, by being aware of a few warning signs of potential roofing problems, homeowners can make sure timely roof repair or replacement keeps their home looking its best.

The most common problem that homeowners will experience when a roof is in need of repair is water damage. Whether in the form of dark spots on the ceiling or obviously moldy and rotten areas in the attic, water damage can be quite expensive to fix. Roof repair of missing shingles or damaged sections is necessary to eliminate these problems. Homeowners can often diagnose roofing problems by climbing a ladder and inspecting shingles and soffits; homeowners may also choose to enlist the aid of a roofing professional.

If you have not yet experienced water damage inside your home but notice that shingles appear to be cracked or curling, you may be able to engage in low-level roof repair. Installing new shingles, especially of a more durable material, may help eliminate the need for additional roof repair later on.

Roof Installation

Even with all of the proper repairs and maintenance, homeowners find themselves facing new roof installation every 20 years or so. Roof repairs can only keep roofs in good shape for so long. Homeowners need to be aware of the average life span of their particular roofing materials. Most houses in the United States have asphalt shingles, which last for about 15 to 20 years. Other homes may have more durable shingles, like cement or clay, which can have double the lifespan of asphalt. However, when re-roofing your home, you can also choose to replace your current kind of shingles with a new material. A roof installation using clay or cement shingles may cost more, but the shingles themselves will often last much longer.

“While a new roof installation needs to occur when the weather is dry, good roofing contractors will be able to replace a roof all year round.” Mentioned Josh, owner of Woolley’s Gutter Experts in San Diego. “It is important to hire reputable roofing contractors who include a warranty, as well as have all the proper certifications. If done properly, roof installation can take as little as three to five days. Even when we installed gutters at our San Diego Location we noticed a huge difference when it rained. That’s why we highly recommend you have gutters installed.”

Whether you need roof repair due to aging shingles or an unfortunately located falling tree, you should make sure to hire a good roofing contractor. Roof installation is a very large purchase and homeowners should be sure that they are making the best purchase for their home. If you believe that you are in need of roof repair or a new roof installation, contact the roofing specialists at the Home Depot. They can help you find the best solution to any roofing problem.

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