Bay Windows & Exterior Paint

Bay windows are stately addition to any home. Typically consisting of a three dimensional extension to a home with room for a small sitting or viewing area inside, bay windows are beloved for their ability to expand a room and allow a huge amount of warming natural light inside. First popularized in the 1870’s, bay windows are a staple of Victorian architecture. With its famous Victorian style and cramped living space, San Francisco is known for the ubiquity with which its residents chose bay windows.

You also want to be sure you have the right paint to go with the windows, Bay windows allow for the allusion of a bigger room and can brighten up the darkest of rooms. Many homes today include bay windows in the front of a residence, typically in a dining or living room.

Home Depot offers a variety of bay windows to suit any style and any budget. Anderson windows are a popular choice for the bay window style due to their high quality and affordability. Depending on the size and angle of the bay window you are looking for, additional features and options include tilt to wash, low energy consumption glass, a variety of artful grills, and even natural pine interiors. You may also want to consider your exterior lawn and pavement just be sure to hire the right stone pavers to make sure it looks good.

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